Contemplating the Backup’s Redundancy

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Backups sure are cumbersome, but turns out, they’re really useful and redundantly redundant. (The theme of this post) It wasn’t long ago that I wasn’t a backer-uper, but then I lost everything. In fact, The first time I lost everything, I … Continued

Domains vs. Hosting

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Often we find customers ask us, “What’s the difference between domain and hosting?” or, perhaps more fundamentally, “What is hosting?” The answer, while simple, uses some concepts that may be new to folks and we promise, by the end of … Continued

WordPress, The Website Software of Many

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WordPress, the Buzzword of the amateur web developer. Yeah, I suppose that’s us. While we’re not amateurs, we are always on the lookout for products that support our customers’s needs at a level of accessibility, i.e. what web-software will retain … Continued